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Nakhleh Architects is an architectural company that was established in 1970 by the late Arch. Eli Nakhleh.

His son Nassim and two daughters Ranin & Shirin, acquired the same path of architecture and continued to run the company and push it forward towards success.

In 2005, Nakhleh Architects established an office in Jerusalem to expand their work throughout the country. Today, Nakhleh Architects has a diverse team of twelve staff members which consist of architects, industrial designers, interior designers, urban planners, draughtsman, and project managers. In addition, our team works closely with other professionals (contractors, architects, surveyors and civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers).
The office deals with a range of urban planning projects, public buildings, restoration projects, hotels, educational projects, spiritual buildings, and private residences.

Our work has received national and international prizes.
We are specialized in Sustainable Green Architecture and can provide creative and practical architectural solutions to environmental challenges.

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